Our Clients say ...

Damini and Gerrisa have been instrumental in the significant progress of our daughter’s ASD intervention. In the space of just under two years, we have seen a significant positive change in her development milestones. As a result her condition has improved to the point of being able to join mainstream school in Grade 1. I highly recommend Damini and Gerrisa as very experienced ASD practitioners with a lovely gentle and child friendly approach.

Damini and Gerrisa have been an integral part of our son's journey with Autism spectrum disorder. They are not only trained and experienced with ASD, but also passionate about assisting families. For the 2 years that both these ladies have been therapists to my little boy we have felt their love and compassion. We are grateful to have had them on our team.

I was first introduced to Damini and Gerrisa, when my son started therapy at The Autism Project. We were both anxious about starting at a new place, and I, as a mother, was extremely nervous about how my son would cope in this new setting. It soon became apparent that we were in good hands. Damini was one of my son’s therapists, and she not only won him over quickly, but was very patient and understood exactly how to draw him out and encourage him on to achieving his goals. I’ve watched my son make steady and amazing headway over the past two years, and whilst that has certainly been a team effort, I can honestly say that his progress has been in large part due to the care, effort, skill and dedication of his therapist, Damini.

I am writing on behalf of Gerrisa Basdew. Gerrisa had worked with my child as an ABA therapist for several years, during which I gotten to know her quiet well. Gerrisa showed nothing but patience and understanding around my child but at the same time possessed other important skills in order to achieve her objectives, she proved to have the right balance which is difficult to find in most therapist. She is well versed in child development, due to her university qualifications, work experience and natural affinity towards children and that shows in her work. My child looked forward to his sessions with her as she always came to our home on time, cheerful and ready to encourage him with enriching activities. Some days where more difficult than others, whereby Gerrisa had to push him in order for him to achieve his goals and overcome his difficulties but she had the right approach and did so in a kind, nurturing way and achieved her desired results, to me that was the ultimate happiness. It was really unfortunate that she could not continue with my child since we moved overseas but we are forever grateful to her for all her efforts and hard work. We were blessed to have her work with our child. Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to elaborate on anything I have written here or if you have any specific questions on Gerrisa . I would be happy to discuss her excellent abilities at length.

Through The Autism Project, we had the privilege of both Gerrisa and Damini working with our daughter, Jenna. This took place over the period of 2019 and 2020 since we decided to exit the special needs schooling system and persue a more customised approach. Working hand in hand with Gerrisa and Damini has been a great experience. We were able to expose Jenna to more than one learning environment which also allowed her to build a unique relationship with each tutor/facilitator. We were also able to build on her specific strengths with a team approach and address behavioural challenges consistently through the various points of contact. These ladies have been working under the mentorship of Tam Bennett and have worked with a wide range of autism symptoms and challenges. Just our situation alone shows the versality of which they are capable. We are excited about the service and opportunity they have created for other families in similar situation as ours.

I had the pleasure of working with Gerrisa, while I was working as a facilitator to a 6 year old autistic child. She was always punctual, and had a lovely disposition. Gerrisa has a firm, but kind nature, and always had the child's best interest at heart. He enjoyed his therapy sessions with her. I learned a great deal from Gerrisa. I wish her all the best in her future endeavors. I know, any family that has Gerrisa on their team, will have a committed and dedicated person, that will do the best for their family.

Congratulations Gerrisa and Damini on your new venture. Our journey with our son started when he was 2 an a half years old. He had been to many therapists that worked on him and helped in his journey. When he was 3 and a 1/2, he was introduced to new therapist namely Gerrisa who became apart of his life. He took an instant liking to her. She had his best interest at heart and loved him so dearly. He only “blossomed” with her help. She grounded him and thought him that “we need to work as a team which he still often reiterates. It is with her help that my son is able to do most thing that we doubted he would be able or capable of doing. Gerrisa teaches with her heart which most kids need. She will always hold a dear space I’m my sons and my life. We wish her the best in he new venture. You will be missed here in Durban. Lots of love always

We spent an exhausting amount of time searching for the perfect school for our daughter. We have been to well known schools which didn’t cater for all of the needs of our little girl. We thought we found the one as she seemed happy upon joining but after a good few months, she was screaming and crying and she didn’t want to have her sessions any longer. Today I am so grateful that Blossom interventions popped up on my Instagram. Ever since my daughter is with them, I have seen tremendous growth in my daughter’s abilities- she is happy and communicating much more. She has progressed so much in a short period of time. One thing I really love is that they do home sessions, which puts us at ease knowing that our daughter is safe. When meeting with Damini and Gerrisa, I already felt that blossom intervention is the one They really seem to enjoy their work and their interaction with kids seemed genuine. I know that they are compassionate because of how my daughter responds to them, and she really enjoys her sessions. Blossom interventions is really willing to work with you on the goals and challenges of your child. We are so impressed with the work they put it and we see the fruits of their work, a happy, joyful and progressing child.

My daughter Kristen Morris has been working with Blossom Intervention for about 2 years. They have been absolutely amazing. The advice, love and care has been amazing. The practitioners under Gerrisa and Damini have been so wonderful and supportive and their service has been excellent. I see a huge improvement in my daughter and I'm very happy. Thank you Blossom Intervention for going out of your way for our special kids.

My son has been working online with Blossom Interventions from 2021. There has been a remarkable improvement in his social skills and confidence over the year. He has also acquired coping skills to express his emotions which is amazing! As his emotional skills continuously improved we saw this reflected in his academic work which improved as well. Gerrisa and Damini prepared an individualised plan to cater to his specific needs. They also included his caregivers and teachers when preparing his development plan, my son was always a priority within a team effort. When we needed to discuss any concerns, they were always available to provide us with support as we required. Overall he is a much happier little boy and we are grateful to Gerrisa and Damini for their dedication to him. Their professionalism and care is amazing, thank you so much.

My sons journey with Blossom began 3 years ago, and although he only sees Gerrisa & Damini via Zoom sessions, the amount of improvement he has shown surpasses what I had anticipated at the start of our journey together. They are beautiful, well-balanced, happy, positive, kind, respectful and open-hearted people & they are so awesome to work with. They are attentive to not only my child but to me & my husband as parents as well, and offer support whenever we need it. They have often included my daughter in my sons sessions to create a bond between them as my son would only play on his own. He has thrived in numerous ways - he is more socially interactive, started communicating more by using words, & is more adventurous in his daily habits than before. Most importantly, my son looks forward to his online sessions with Blossom. It is a year later & I can honestly say that I have a vision that my child will become successful in this world. I am so grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team.

Blossom Interventions is a true blessing in my sons life. Damini & Gerrisa have lifted the veil of despair that has been hanging over me as a mum. They have given me hope & confidence in my sons potential to learn. He has improved his skills dramatically and continues to grow daily. They are super loving and supportive of him and give their best during each session. Their patience is boundless and this goes along way in bringing out his confidence. Blossom Interventions sessions are a vital part of my sons learning and I look forward to a long partnership in leading my son to become the best version of himself. I am truly grateful for the great work that they do; words will never be enough to express my gratitude. Keep shining!