Our Colleagues say ...

I had the privilege of working with both Gerrisa and Damini during my time at The Autism Project. Having come from a strictly ABA background myself, I was looking to extend my experience in different therapies used to treat ASD. Both these extraordinary females helped me to do just that and so much more. Their implementation of holistic methodologies tailored to suit each and every child individually was both refreshing and effective. The time and dedication put into working with our children by both Gerrisa and Damini is something special, and that which can only be achieved by having a true passion for what one does, and this is what I believe sets these young women apart from the rest. I look forward to watching this team make it possible for many more little boys and girls to have access to life changing therapy and in the process, create something amazing! "

Having worked with both Gerrisa and Damini at Eden Health, I have come to admire their deep commitment to the children and families they support, in addition to their respect for and collaboration with their wider team and colleagues. I can highly recommend them to support your child and family with whatever interventions you require.

There’s an endless list of the things that I have learnt from Gerrisa. She loves to make sure that you are ok and understand everything and how to handle each session and how to approach each child. Her energetic personality motivates me to always give my best. She is one of the most amazing practitioners that I have ever met and she will definitely touch and change each child’s life in a beautiful way. Everyone needs a bit of Damini in their lives. Damini has a personality where she is always praising every small step of achievement for her kids, she is amazing at building a child’s self esteem and confidence, as well as mine. I’ve learnt how to balance out each session from Damini and will always be learning from her amazing skills!

Damini and Gerrisa have been employed as practitioners at The Autism Project for two years and in that time have grown into using a combination approach to Autism Intervention with enthusiasm and grace. Individually, Gerrisa manages the complex relationships between a practitioner and a parent with tact and diplomacy. She connects well with the children in her care and can always be counted on to fiercely promote the rights and needs of her children, Damini excels in play and social skill support, easily forming bonds with her children and able to work creatively and calmly through the challenges her children face. She commits wholeheartedly to her children and it shows in the progress they make in her care. As a team, Damini and Gerrisa balance each other well, with Damini bringing her boundless energy, playful nature and creativity while Gerrisa adds her attention to detail, patience and diligence to the mix, making an ideal partnership in intervention delivery. It has been an absolute pleasure working with both these young women and have no doubt of the value and joy they will bring to the children they see in the future.

I worked with Damini and Gerrisa as an Autism Practitioner from 2018 to 2020 at The Autism Project. In this time, they had a great impact within the Company and with the families they supported. It is evident that they love what they do, they were always dedicated to the children they worked with, and were adapting and looking for different approaches that suited the individual child’s needs, bringing out the best in each child. I have personally learnt a great deal from these two ladies and thank them. Congratulations again on your new endeavor and I look forward to seeing how many more families you will impact with your knowledge, experience and passion to help and to realise the true potential that you see in the kids that you work with.

I am so grateful that I have been able to work with Gerrisa and Damini over the past _ years. I have witnessed the care, love and patience that has gone into every session they have spent with the kids that they have worked with. I have heard them worry, check up on and talk about children that they have worked with many years in the past. I have sat with them whilst they have strategised and individualised the goals for their kids as they grow. And I have walked with them through countless instances of personal and professional development. Gerrisa has shown patience, grace for all those involved, tact and has helped me grow in number of intervention strategies. She is firm but fair and fun in her sessions. She always speaks good into the children she works with. And she sings... a lot! Damini brings sunshine into every session with her children. She employs a very eclectic approach, drawing from a variety of strategies. She has a talent for reading each child’s mood and adapting her session plan to match. Both are dynamic, approachable and, most of all, determined to see each child reach their full potential. They are an asset to any family’s journey in ASD.

I had the privilege of working with these 2 beautiful ladies, Gerrisa and Damini. They both have such a loving and caring way with the children they treat and they are very approachable. I saw how children tend to love and trust them quite easily. They have a fun-loving creative way about them and they are very committed to the kiddies and their parents. I loved working with them and know that they are impacting and will continue to impact so many little lives.

I was privileged to get to know Damini and Gerrisa a year ago when I joined the Autism Project Team, and I was even more privileged to be trained by them. Their passion for our special children radiates and they continue to inspire me daily. They are phenomenal team players and spend endless time strategically planning and thinking out of the box and finding new ways to assist our children. Damini and Gerrisa are dedicated ASD professionals that are committed to working on individual gifting with each child. I definitely consider myself to be trained by the best.

Con Amore School is privileged to be able to provide specialised support to our learners who are diagnosed with Autism. Blossom Interventions are truly making such a big difference in the lives of our learners, their parents, and our educators. Every single contact session that they have with our learners speaks of dedication, passion, respect, and genuine compassion. They really know how to address every learner's specific individual needs and the progress that the learners are making is truly heart-warming.